Award Winning. Audience Favourite.

"In 1955, newlyweds Alfred and Jakobine made an epic four year journey around the world in an old London taxi. When it was over, without warning, Alfred left Jakobine—breaking her heart. Now at 84 years old Alfred Hobbs wants to restore the old taxi, drive it across America with their son, and offer Jakobine one last ride 'before it's too late'. 40 years after he left her, she has a deep love/hate regard for Alfred. How will she react to this 'gesture' and how will her 'new' husband of 30 years handle it?"

FW’s first feature-length documentary, shown at leading Documentary Film Festivals such as Hot Docs in Toronto and UK’s Doc Fest. Winner of the International Documentary Association’s Best Music Award and Best Documentary at the London Independent Film Festival. Watch the trailer here.