We recently heard the exciting news that we're one of a handful of film production companies that have been awarded preferred supplier status by KPMG. We've been working with our friends at KPMG for a number of years now and have been lucky enough to be involved on a range of interesting projects for them.

In the business we're in we are in a position to clearly see both the image that a company would like to present of itself as well as seeing what goes on 'behind the scenes'. Luckily for us all the companies that we work for these days have consistency between the image they'd like to present to the public of who they are as a company vs who they 'really' are - how they operate internally, how they behave towards clients and suppliers. We think there is a general trend towards more integrity of external message / internal behaviour within companies these days and that it's driven in part by greater demand for disclosure, in part by social media and in part by the recession we've experienced culling many of the companies with less integrity.

Our job is easier when a company is who they say they are. It's easier because the nature of what we do involves scratching beneath the surface to tell the 'real story' of who a company is and what they do, and if what you find beneath the surface differs from the public facing image then we have to work hard to find the commonality between what's going on behind the scenes and the public facing image. It's important to us to present a company in a realistic light not only because we believe that 'the real story' of a company is the most effective way to promote that company and to engage potential customers, but also because we are not in the business of making films that tell 'the real story' of a company, when in fact it's not.

Which brings us back to KPMG and our application to become a preferred supplier. The process of getting onto the PSL for KPMG has taken us about 3 months and has involved the provision of detailed information about our company and our philosophy. We've supplied detailed reports into our policies on diversity, business continuity, environmental impact, sustainability, social responsibility, crisis management and others. It's been an interesting exercise in introspection, ensuring that we measure up to a range of criteria and that we can deliver on our promises. It's the first time that a client of ours has asked us about the initiatives we undertake by way of Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability and diversity and what this shows us is that when KPMG talk outwardly in their communications about being serious about these things, they actually mean it. This has been our experience in all our dealings with KPMG - specifically that they walk it like they talk it - everything they say they do and stand for externally, we see evidence of internally. It's the hallmark of a progressive, responsible, modern company that we're very pleased to be working with.