We've been working closely with our friends at TBA, whose client Clarks asked them to create 5 concept films to be shown at the launch event of a brand new season of footwear. We were really excited to be working with TBA on this prestigious brand and throughout pre-production the team were motivated by the chance to get creative and capture some really unusual shots.

We began by pulling props from garages and location scouting a range of venues, whilst director Joe got to work on his shot-list and story development. With our lovely clients giving us the nod, it was all go for a very tight, yet enjoyable, turnaround.



With the days being ever shorter, the FW team were up early to make the most of daylight hours for our 3 day shoot. We began in Stratford at the very hip and cool Print House - for those of you who know Stratford, The Print House is that cool old building right by the huge illuminated wooden tower and through the red Danes Wharf wall.

The Print House

The Print House

Inside they have a gallery, restaurant and most importantly for us a bar where where we made coffee, cocktails and sat down to enjoy a good book, all on camera of course. We captured the shots on a NEX FS700 filming at 100-200fps using a set of uncoated Zeiss ZF prime lenses and a trusty set of Canon EF lenses including our 70-200 and 100mm 2.8 L macro lens for silky smooth slow motion and super shallow depth of field.

Before the lunchtime rush we headed to the popular muscle-hangout 'Titan gym' in Hackney, for a workout with the lovely and very buff locals. Director Joe’s workout involved trying to swing the dial of the weight scales round in front of the camera lens which would ironically have been easier if he'd eaten a few more pies.

Don got a work out too, as he threw some hefty bare-fisted punches at a punch-bag before taking his title back as ‘heavyweight champion of Dedo lighting’ as he made the surface of a basketball look almost edible.

It was then on to an evening spent at Broadway Market buying groceries and fighting our way through the crowd.


Shoot Day 2

Day 2 had a 6:30 start and a 90min drive out to a forest in Kent where Kat nearly fell down the compost toilet, Rob was splitting wood with an axe, Don was tending to the fire, Joe R was taking a stroll to find his favourite spots to film and Joe E was organizing his lenses. A normal family camping trip perhaps? Well we needed to capture in film the essence of back to nature pursuits and this was our production equivalent of method acting!

Once we'd put the fire out and the leaves back in place we travelled to our next location where we unleashed our own Winter Wonderland. Grabbing macro shots of railings, post boxes and benches immersed in artificial snow and duvet entrails. The post box in Lea Valley park and the surround 18 inches has never looked so Christmassy!

The only issue we experienced was that of bouncing snow which seems to be a problem when it's made of plastic instead of ice. It was nothing that we couldn't fix with some Pritt Stick however (sorry Mr Robin stuck to the railing).

With daylight fading fast, and chilled to the bone, we called it a day.


Shoot Day 3

Day 3 began in a swanky pad in Dalston, where Apple products took centre stage on our office desk for their macro matinee with Joe E acting as the ever brilliant handheld lighting assistant.

Onwards we travelled to Lee Valley Ice Centre for Kat’s ice-skating debut in some skates we’d sourced from the 1920s when the Thames was iced over enough to walk on. With Kat proving a little wobbly and finding it difficult to hit the marks, we instead turned to the professionals for some pirouettes and jumps. Having found a willing volunteer, we handed over our vintage skates only to be told, they were too dangerous to skate in! Turns out Kat wasn't bad after all! To get the shots we needed though, meant we found another use for Rob’s hand modelling skills... see images below.

Our final stop of the evening, now dark once again, was at Dalston Junction where we picked up an evening standard and hung out on a traffic island for a game of ‘spot the taxi’ for our final shot of the shoot. THERE’S ONE!


The End Result

After a week in post-production, the films were ready for their debut screening, providing a rather large backdrop for another brilliant TBA launch show (pictured below). We really enjoyed working on this one, so a huge thanks to TBA and Clarks for having us. Until next time!