We were recently asked by our friends at KPMG to help make some films for their KPMG SLANT portal. The KPMG SLANT portal is an interesting website that uses the scale and insight of their organisation to break down some of the toughest questions today regarding work and life and how people and organisations fit into the changing digital environment.

The films and articles that are featured are accessible, and aren't afraid to set out a point of view which we feel is important given that much of the the topics that the site covers have no single correct approach. It's refreshing to see a dynamic and engaging website that speaks knowledgeably about the pervasive but complex topics that face organisations and individuals in the digital age.

We weren't involved in the design of the website, but here's what it looks like, we love the design:


The films that we created involved interviewing employees at KPMG who were experts in their field in order to distill their expertise and passion. There was no script, no agenda, simply a contemporary topic with different points of view and approaches which are appropriate depending upon your circumstances. KPMG were confident enough in their employees to let them respond to our interview questions without prior briefing. From the filmed interviews we created films which explored these differing approaches to contemporary digital issues.

The topics covered were:

  • Do we need a privacy charter for the internet?

  • Who should keep us safe online?

  • Is the real world ready for virtual currencies? 

  • Pricing - the price isn't right 

We're all a bit geeky here at FLETCHERWILSON, however we were largely out geeked by the supremely knowledgeable boffins at KPMG and had an utterly fascinating few days of filming with the KPMG team and learning about the fields that they work in.

Below are some stills from the completed films. We created the illustration and animation to support the messages that the films conveyed. Finally, here's a link to the SLANT website.