Our friends at S.V.T visited us before Christmas for a catch up, as you do. They bought us some rather special gold leaf wishbone greetings cards which are truly lovely:

make a wish

However, having a rather strong vegetarian contingent in the office Rob plucked up the courage to say something along the lines of: "It's not very vegetarian is it? Maybe you could make a sprout version?"

Lo and behold a couple of months later we get a couple of these beauties in the post:


Here at FW Towers we pride ourselves in providing a good old fashioned responsive service and if this doesn't set the benchmark we don't know what does...

We're particularly fond of the aorta-like qualities this humble sprout displays, presumably in an attempt to prevent any hungry vegetarians from eating it... THANKYOU team S.V.T.
S.V.T stands for Sciences de la Vie et de la terre (Sciences of Life and Earth). They're a tiny (boutique even) outfit that only produce sustainable locally produced goods, with an emphasis on loveliness.

Here's their stuff: sciencesvieterre.com