A mainstay of FLETCHERWILSON's business is producing content for monster screens at events and shows. These screens are often around 20m wide with bespoke resolutions which are often much higher than HD or 4K. 

With this in mind we thought it was about time we build our own monster video wall right here in the FW offices. It will give us the opportunity to test footage get creative with new ideas for content that we can test in house. And of course it will hopefully look pretty cool.

Because we like a DIY project and because we have a fair amount of expertise in house we're going to do it ourselves. It's a great opportunity to get to know the technology better, build it exactly as we want it, and save some money.

We'll devote a few blog posts to the project and detail what we're building and how it works out.

The Location

When we built the FW offices we always planned to create an installation that would run between two floors. For that reason we put a glass floor in which allows you to see the full height of our two floor offices. This is where our video wall will be located.

Team FW stand in the space which the video wall will occupy to give a sense of scale.

Team FW stand in the space which the video wall will occupy to give a sense of scale.

The Tech Spec

The shape of the space we have lends itself to a portrait orientated video wall. We like the idea of a portrait video wall as it's less common and gives new creative opportunities when it comes to producing content. 

The top floor is 2.54m high whilst the bottom floor is 3.08m high. Some back of the envelope calculations suggest that 55" display monitors mounted in portrait format will be a good fit.

A 55" display when mounted in portrait format is 0.72m wide and 1.25m high. Consequently if we mount two of them on each floor we'll have a combined height of 2.5m per floor - pretty much a perfect fit. Our video wall is going to be 5m high!

We've specced each display monitor as 4K which will future proof the installation. With each monitor having a (portrait) resolution of 2,160w x 3,840h pixels the combined resolution will be 2160w x 15,360h px. This is 33.2 megapixels. 

Whilst the display monitors will be 4K, we don't feel the need to run them at 4K at present as the data bandwidth would require expensive hardware and multiple graphics cards to support. Consequently, the initial installation will run the monitors at a more manageable 1080p resolution. At 1080p the total resolution of the screen will be 1080w x 7680h px. This resolution can easily be supported by a single 4 head consumer graphics card which will save us money.

We've ordered the monitors and fixtures which we hope will be with us this week .... we're excited!

Comment below if you have any questions about our install ...