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FLETCHERWILSON | Corporate Film & Video Production East London

Rob Fletcher close team modal

Rob has spent over 20 years producing and directing commercial projects, live events, factual television and film for a multitude of broadcasters and corporate clients. This enables him to have a unique overview of the creative, logistical, technical and financial requirements of any project, whilst remaining focused on the detail.

Rob Fletcher

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Komal has a detailed understanding of the many roles across the entire production process, with over ten years experience working in digital video and film. Specialising in production for brands, corporate marketing and communications, Komal is passionate about ways storytelling can creatively inform the video-making process to produce engaging, exciting content.


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Jack is a Video Editor who has worked on a multitude of productions in TV, Documentary, Corporate Video, Music and Film since graduating from Ravensbourne University with a degree in Digital Film Production. He is passionate about shaping and telling stories, whilst exercising his creativity when working on a project. His technical skills in video editing and animation are paralleled by his narrative and storytelling abilities, helping deliver both engaging and creative content.


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Nat has worked on a range of productions for online, broadcast and cinema, specialising in producing and directing animation and CGI. He believes that technology helps with the fidelity of the message but that at the end of the day, it's all about the story.

Nat Wilson

Yu close team modal

Yu is an experienced producer and director, and is passionate about creative and innovative ways of storytelling in video content. Prior to joining FW, Yu spent over 8 years developing and producing award-winning television programmes across a range of genres for the Chinese leading television and digital broadcasters. He is an allrounder in content production and his strong narrative storytelling skills are excellent in helping brands and organisations to reach their audience through engaging and creative content.


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Alison's production background includes some of the world's largest sporting, public and corporate events. She has spent over 20 years producing journalistic, programme and commercial content in both live and recorded environments. Alison has a strong head for communication, logistics, managing complex schedules and ensuring budgets are kept on track.


Charlie close team modal

Charlie is a seasoned videographer, camera operator and kit addict. When he's not shooting, editing, tinkering or buying ANOTHER new lens he is to be found at the pub, in the woods or cooking Italian food. If there's a secluded pub in the forest with a roaring fire that has Pasta Alla Norma on the menu, then you should look to seek him there. Oh and steak, he likes steak too. A lot.


Nick close team modal

Nick is a multi disciplined creative with a range of high quality skills and professional experience within camera operation, video editing, vision mixing and stream engineering. He has a passion and a natural knack for finding his way around a variety of equipment & technologies, in addition to being a quick problem solver who can find a solution to almost anything! And also has skills in creative writing.


Leto close team modal

Leto is an Animator who has worked across many mediums, from Directing VR games to animated films, music videos and live events. His films and VR games have gone on to win awards world wide. With his ability to interweave different techniques and styles within his work, Leto can tackle any and all projects clients throw at him. Having completed a masters in Animation Direction, Leto is passionate about storytelling that brings characters and worlds to life to engage and amaze audiences.


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Dan is a Video Editor with a wealth of experience in editing, production and videography. He has worked on a vast amount of projects across TV, film and social media, along with creating a host of original and vibrant web shows. In his work with FW, he brings a sharp focus and attention to detail.


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Aditi was first introduced to the world of filmmaking when she was 17, and ever since, she's worked on a number of short films, live events, commercial and corporate videos across three countries. A producer by title, she is the kind of person who likes to do everything - from scriptwriting to editing - she loves all aspects of the film making process! It is her passion and dedication towards the art of filmmaking that drives her.


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Here at FW, we’re often on the lookout for new family members, and enjoy meeting people that share a thirst for storytelling.

Sometimes we’ll have a specific vacancy; sometimes we’ll draft in reserves from the bench for that all-important match, home or away. Work with us - it’s rewarding.

Whatever your experience, if you’re a team player that’s passionate about all things film, video, events, animation and production, we’d love to hear from you.

Drop us a line with your story.