We make powerful, effective films
that inspire action and create change;
we want our work to make a difference.

We take the complex and make it simple;
both technically and creatively.

We deliver for our clients every time.

So they can deliver every time.


Based on these four enduring principles, we’re proud to have forged many long-standing and ongoing partnerships.


We’re transparent with our knowledge and solutions, and believe that creativity and pragmatism should coexist.

We talk clearly and with common sense.



It's not about us, it's all about your project delivering for you.

We're open, and we're here to listen and facilitate, bringing professional expertise and pragmatism to the mix.

This approach brings out the best in everyone.



Brought together, our team’s unique mix of skills enable us to generate both powerful ideas and inventive solutions.

Our sum is greater than our parts.



From the smallest of tasks to the most complex of projects, we pull together to get the job done well, no matter what.

We’re trusted to deliver. Everytime.

Fairly Wise.

We've been on and around the block a few times, our experiences and opportunities have given us insights that we explore and share in a series of thought leadership films.

FW leadership films

Corporate Documentaries 101.

What are the benefits of making or watching a corporate documentary? Nat explains all.

How to Write a Creative Brief.

Komal’s guide to that important first step on any film and video campaign: the creative brief.

How to Be Great on Film.

FW’s producer extraordinaire Nat Wilson, giving his top tips on how to be fabulous on film!

Thought Leadership 101.

What is a Thought Leadership film and how does it differ to Content Marketing? - Komal and Nat explain.

What is a Vox-Pop film?

Lauren and Nat explain exactly what Vox Pops are, and why they can be so beneficial to companies and customers alike.

Friendly Works.

We think there should be give and take in the world. This thinking informs the work we do and the people we work with.

It's not all about the bottom line, some of the stories we tell are for our neighbours and charities, we help with expertise and by giving them a voice. Our door is open and we welcome new friends through it.

FW are master crafters of the following